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What is JungleVase

We here at Jungle Vase want to create a world where urbanization comes in sync with pockets of small jungles in which we can walk to clear our mind, soul, and body of all worlds toxicity both figuratively and literally. In the crowd of concretes of urban areas, we are making jungles to boost the livability of humans and maintain a symbiotic ecosystem of humans, plants, birds, insects, and microorganisms. We'll take the charge of your Jungle tour wish, that too in your lawn or garden or balcony or even the favorite wall of your home. 

What do we do?



You can enroll to our certification courses on advanced gardening, sustainable gardening, kitchen gardening, making manures and bio enzymes etc. 

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Saplings & Soils

You can buy saplings, soil mixes, plant combos, gardening kits, garden essential items, plants for gifting and so on.

We're turning waste to wealth

We're turning Wastes into Wealth, by using the wastes in manuring, making bio-enzymes, bio-fertilizers, composts, recharging the soil with carbon components, and enriching it with healthy microorganisms. Also, we use the waste in every possible way to get much more profit and minimize the waste. This will lead to a healthier future for upcoming generations as well as for us. We use coconut husks as planters, make our own pesticides and fertilizers. We also provide courses and workshops on these topics so that people can grow sustainable gardens in their house.

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Building Oxygen Stations

We are into building oxygen stations, no! you got it wrong ! Our oxygen station doesn't contain huge cylinders of oxygen or expensive set ups to produce Oxygen. We have NASA recommended indoor plants that are rich in oxygen emmition. All plants are going to befriend with your lungs and mind too. Our plant collection contains exotic plants, rare species, plants of amazon rainforest and much more, that too aligning with your luck, happiness and aesthetics. We've turned many houses, cafes etc. into oxygen stations. It is going to soothe our soul and lungs as well.

Our Vision

Our vision is to increase sustainability. We use eco-friendly planters in our nurseries, and the pesticides and manures we use here are completely organic and made from the waste of the kitchen.  Our whole setup is waste-free and 100%  eco-friendly. The waste agricultural sector produces is more than the economic value of this industry. So is Horticulture and landscaping sector. But we are trying to make our planet more livable by reusing wastes, zero usage of plastic and plastic products, saying yes more to the planters and raw materials of our garden and lanscapes that are biodegradable. Maybe we are far away from our vision but, taking small steps with our customers, clients and users will make it happen oneday! 

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