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Types of Soil & Soil Mixes

You all know that plants require nutrients and other related elements like water, air, and sunlight to grow. In this digital age, a lot of us have forgotten to take care of our green friends. This article will tell you how important soil is to the growth of these delicate creatures.

What is soil?

Soil is a mixture of organic and inorganic matter and the universal substrate for vegetation.

Why do plants need different soil mixes?

Different plants require different nutrients for their physical growth. A single soil does not contain all the nutrients. That's why the following soil mix is used for plant growth.

  • Succulent & Cactus Soil Mix.

  • Bonsai Soil Mix.

  • Weightless soil mix.

  • Aroid soil mix.

  • Basic soil mix.

Succulent & Cacti Soil Mix:

Succulent plants and cacti are such plants that get cherished in granular & well-drained soil. The following substances are mainly used in the soil mixture of these plants, which grow and develop well in less water-retentive soil.

  • Sand 1 part

  • Garden soil 2 parts

  • Horticulture Charcoal 2 part

  • Compost 1.5 parts

Bonsai Soil Mix:

This soil mix is used primarily for bonsais. As they are grown by restricting their growth & very less amount of soil so they are provided such soil that is rich in nutrients and promotes plant growth. A good Bonsai soil mixture mainly has these three qualities:

1. Good aeration

2. Water retention.

3. Good drainage.

To make a good bonsai mix, the following substances are required:

  • Garden soil 4 parts

  • Brick pieces 1 part

  • Sand 1 part

  • Neem Cake Fertilizer 1 part

  • Compost 4 parts

  • Fungicide 20 grams

Weightless soil mix:

Weightless soil mix is used in house-grown plants. These soil mixes are very light in weight and hold very little water. This soil mix is used to get rid of daily aeration as it never gets cluttered. Here are the ingredients for this soil including the ratio:

  • Soil 1 part

  • Cocopeat 2 parts

  • Vermicompost 1 part

  • Horticultural Charcoal 2 parts

Basic Soil Mix:

A basic soil mixture is used in plants that can live in favorable conditions and the best products can be obtained. To make this type of soil mixture, the following substances are required:

  • Soil 3 part

  • Sand 1 part

  • Horticulture charcoal 1 part

Aroid Soil Mix:

Aroid soil mixture is such a soil mixture in which plants of rare species are grown. In this type of soil mixture, all the nutrients required by the plants are present in high quantities. The following substances are used to make this type of soil mixture. Goes as:

  • Soil 10%

  • Perlite 10%

  • Vermiculite 20%

  • Horticulture Charcoal 10%

  • Leca Ball or Orchid Bark, 20%

To grow better plants, you need to start with good soil. There are important characteristics of soil that allow plants to thrive, like aeration and being able to drain properly. Potting soil can contain ingredients like leca, sand, perlite, and vermiculite. To determine the best mixture for your needs, consider your climate and what you will be growing.

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