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About Us

When you feel intimidated in a greenless world

We're JungleVase, a community where we collect rare species from all over the world. Our targeted species are those which emits highest amount of Oxygen and are aligned with the aesthetics of people as well as suitable with your birth month and zodiac signs.


Our Story

Hello y'all green lovers! I'm your crazy plant friend.
JungleVase is all about Urban & Sustainable Gardening . It is all about knowing the plants , growing the plants and living with the plants !
I'm Sakshi Bharadwaj and my plant journey began two years ago while i was doing my Master's ,i travelled alot to nature jungles , urban jungles , concrete jungles and after that i decided to grow my own jungle ! When i started i wanted to develop my garden vertically in some unique way due to lack of space and guess what i got one while having cocunut water and the making of JungleVase began !
While progressing and getting skilled in the art of growing jungle many people started appreciating my concept of Vertical Gardening , concept of Zero plastic waste home , making my own Vegetable compost , Bioenzyme , Vermicompost , making Bird , Bee , Butterfly friendly jungle . Soon starting from Bhopal to Metro cities and even outside India i was well praised and appreciated .

Now i had share my experience and skill with other people too about growing their own jungle even at minimal space and limited resources i had to draw time from my job as Assistant Professor , time was hard to find but when this Lockdown happened it ignited my mind and provided ample amount of time and i started sharing my jungle stories & the plant community started accepting me as a plant parent and progressively i developed a nursery as well exotic plant collection. I experiment with my plants , learn from them and share my green expertise with plant lovers here & along with my job i take time out for my jungle and I'm proud to say that I'm a plant parent for
4500+ plants and my plants are happy with me . With received soo much to love will be expanding my virtual platforms in form of workshops that will all be about planting , caring and experimenting journey's are long but words seems short to express emotions !

Meet the Founder


I am Dr. Sakshi Bharadwaj, an Assistant Professor of Agriculture by Profession and An Urban Environmentalist by passion,

from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. I have been intensively working to address the critical urban environmental issues like climatic change, carbon footprint and Emissions from creating Smart Cities.

The Concept of JungleVase is Sustainable Urban Compact Jungle Creating Concept where Waste is turned into Wealth for the Mother Earth. 


In Jungle Vase I have adopted many sustainable concepts like using Coconut husk as planters for creating vertical, overhead jungle as replacement of plastic vertical walls to address the issue of Plastic Waste in Urban Cities .

This Concept is a solution for people facing the issue of insufficient space to grow and plant trees and herbs due to the concept of high rises and less space in smart cities.

The concept is used to create such spaces which  helps increase the Oxygen USP of any area where this concept is put into place. It has  been operating since 2018 onwards in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India where I have intensively observed and researched about this mini high oxygen generating jungles in pocket spaces.

Now as Junglevase is moving forward we are creating products and services for green lovers in form of plants, creation of sustainable green spaces for smoking zones, hospitals, cafeterias, restaurants, oxygen stations,  coconut vertical walls, indoor and outdoor plant decor and much more.

Dr. Sakshi Bharadwaj
Asst. professor,
Founder of JungleVase,

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